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Decroative Painting Patterns – The Tiny Budget Way To Decorate A Home

August 6th, 2010

1b68324accdaab4 Decroative Painting Patterns   The Tiny Budget Way To Decorate A Home

We are introducing this topic of decorative painting patterns as a way to still have a great looking and comfortable home even in this time of economic downturn. This subject can be very useful to people everywhere today as it provides low cost methods to decorate both inside and outside our homes 

We have designed our blog in a way that we can talk about the methods as well as the mediums and other tools that are used to produce decorative art projects for your home.Some examples could be the kids rooms, recreation rooms, doorways and gardens. 

We plan to cover the teaching techniques as well as teaching courses that are available in the market today. the costs and avaiability of materials as will as mediums and tools. It is our hope that the information provided through this site will provide you with tips, info, tools, techniques and methods to accomplish very attractive end results while maintaining a very reasonable price point to the strict budget lines that have become the norm of today.

We invite you the reader to follow along as we develop our journey into the world of decorating within the posts of our Decorative Painting Patterns blog.


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Welcome To Our 2011 Update :)

January 5th, 2011

73df709c8d5adf3 Welcome To Our 2011 Update :)


Hi to all of our DPP readers

It is hard to believe that today is the 5th of January 2011. Five days into the new year already.

With the new year started we wanted to update you, our readers, on some things that have been going on here at Decorative Painting Patterns.

First: We want to thank you, our readers, for keeping us busy with reading your many comments. Unfortunately the spammers have been busy as well. Therefore, your comment may or may not have been approved as there were just too many for us to moderate. We are truly sorry if you got missed.

Second: We have not posted any new content on our blog in the past month simply because we became overwhelmed with trying to keep up with moderating the avalanche of comments. We are sorry for that…

Third: We have been working behind the scenes to start our Decorative Painting Patterns Facebook Fan page and we would like to invite you our readers to check it out here.


There are already some posts with videos on our wall so go take a look. 

You can access the page even if you are not a Facebook user. (with 600,000,000 Facebook accounts the chances are pretty good that you have a Facebook account too) 

In order to make comments on our wall or join in discussions (and we want you to) you will need to have a Facebook account. But, this is a good thing because Facebook does not tolerate spam and as such we should be free to post more great content on subjects that are of interest to you our readers.

We want to thank you in advance for being our fan on Facebook.


Click this link to go to our Fan Page and then click the “Like” button at the top of our page to become a Fan. Oh yes and be sure to set up your  Facebook account if you don’t have one already. Thanks!!! 

We hope you will  leave comments on our wall for us and your fellow readers because you can inspire all of us to create better results.

Also start and/or add to the discussion threads under the “Discussion” tab. Thanks!!!

We hope that you will enjoy our new Facebook Fan Page and look forward to hearing more from you.

We will post again soon

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How To Help Control Mold And Mildew In Your Home

December 1st, 2010

7f86fab27bb17fc How To Help Control Mold And Mildew In Your Home



Welcome to all of our DPP readers

Everyone lives in a home, right? Well almost everyone does.

A very common problem in any home can be the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can begin to grow anywhere in the home where water exists. It usually is more of a problem in kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

Because the growth of mold and mildew can cause health issues to the occupants of the home we wanted to take a minute of your time to educate you on how to help control the mold and mildew risk in your home.

We like this 5 minute video from Lowes and wanted to share it with all of our readers.

We think this is a great video on this topic and you might want to watch it more than once as there is a lot of tips and general information on mold packed into the video.

If you are thinking: Why do I need to know about mold and mildew? How big of a deal can this be really?

Now pay attention: Click here to view an 8 minute sobering video on just how dangerous mold can be and just how real the risk to your family is.

Click here to go to Andrea’s blog where she tells the story of their mold  journey.

Our point that we want to share with our readers is this: The health and damage threat to your family from mold is real. Through awareness, education and simple practical prevention methods you can protect your home and family.

We encourage our readers to post a comment on this post and please share your story about how mold has effected your life.

Remember that if you share your story you are increasing the awareness of your fellow readers about the dangers of mold.

We will post again soon, 

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Bird Feeding Basics – How To Feed The Birds

November 27th, 2010


67792ba6442bbd4 Bird Feeding Basics    How To Feed The Birds


Welcome to all of our bird feeding readers,


We have been bird watchers for many years now and we have found it to be one of the most rewarding  activities that one can do.


The cost to feed the birds can be something that needs to be managed but we have found that if you budget properly the cost/benefit ratio is well worth it.


We were blown away by the number of comments that our readers shared on our previous post on bird feeders so when we found this 6 minute video on bird feeding basics from Lowes we just had to share.



Birds are everywhere and they would love to come visit in your back yard so we hope that you will be inspired to create a bird friendly yard.

One other handy tool to gain more knowledge about bird feeding is a good book on the subject. 

Click here to go over to Amazon  books. This link takes you directly to a book that we have in our own personal library. We value it, refer to it and even record  sightings in it.

We hope that it will inspire you as it has us over the years.

Please feel free to comment on this post if you like this type of information and if you would like more posts on this topic.

We also encourage you to post pictures and videos of your projects. You can inspire your fellow readers to accomplish greater projects of their own. Thanks!

We will post again soon.

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Can I Have A Virtual Office?

November 24th, 2010

56624c28ea6d0db Can I Have A Virtual Office?

Welcome to all of our home office readers,


Can I have a virtual home office? That is the question. Well today we are going to share with you a video of a conversation by two of the web’s most knowledgeable minds on that very subject.

Chris and Phil share a 31.5 minute conversation as well as some great information and tips on the topic.

Thanks for watching and we hope that you have b been inspired by Cris and Phil’s conversation.

We also want you to click through to their websites so here are the links to get you there.


Click Here to go to “The Virtual Business Lifestyle” website, home of Chris Ducker

Click Here to go to “The Anywhere Office” website, home of Phil Montero.

Click Here to go to “Work From Anywhere” website, the other home of Phil Montero


We recommend that you follow these guys if you are interested at all in working from a virtual office. We also hope that you will continue to leave comments on our post to let us know if this has inspired you.

There is no reason why you can’t have a virtual office and the freedom of the lifestyle that goes along with it. All that we ask is that you share your project experiences and your results with your fellow readers. Remember, you can inspire our readers to also accomplish living the lifestyle of their dreams.


We will post again soon.

P.S. Click Here to check out the book “Rework” on Amazon

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Every Garden Needs A Garden Shed

November 19th, 2010

07402a5b90a97a7 Every Garden Needs A Garden Shed

Welcome to all of our readers with gardens without sheds,


Today we want to explore the world of garden sheds.

First we want to take you on a tour of some garden sheds that are available on the market today. Watch our 10 minute video that we found on You Tube. Maybe you will find something to inspire you.


Next we would like to share a website that was shared with us by one of our readers.

Garden Shed Plans

And, if you are willing to spend a little scratch. Check out the offer at “My Shed Plans” to get your hands on  12,000 garden shed plans that you can build. You could hire someone to build it or just make it a fun weekend project with your next door neighbor. (download one detailed plan for FREE on a 22 page PDF)

We DO NOT receive any money (or anything else for that matter) from the sale of the plan packages at My Shed Plans.

We just hope that our video and links in this post will inspire you to do a great garden shed project.

Don’t forget that we would love you to leave a comment on this post. Please share a picture or video with our readers by including a link. By sharing your project you can inspire all of our readers to accomplish better projects too. 

Thanks for taking your time to drop by and watch our video and for clicking our links. We look forward to your comments and links to share your projects.

We will post again soon.


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Oriental Rugs – More Education

November 7th, 2010


387af832e433d3a Oriental Rugs   More Education



Welcome to all of our oriental rug loving readers

You asked for more about the oriental rugs so we did some more research and found the Paradise Oriental Rug  site

Watch our video for an introduction to the site.


Another video of a favorite rug.



We hope that you have enjoyed and been inspired by these videos.


Learn more from Penny by going to her website Paradise Oriental Rugs 


You can also subscribe to her You Tube channel


Please share with us comments and pictures of your projects that have been inspired by our blog posts. We appreciate that our readers do comment often. By sharing what you are doing you just may inspire other readers to greater success in their projects as well.

We love learning about Oriental rugs and we hope that you do as well.

If you have found a great location to buy, learn and share be sure to let us know. If you have a great rug that has been in the family etc. please share as well. Let our readers know how you have used Oriental rugs to decorate your living spaces. Thanks!


We will post again soon

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Persian Rugs – An Education

November 6th, 2010

9f069809467d91c Persian Rugs   An Education


Welcome to all of our living space readers,


To day we visited friends and got to talking about one of their Persian rugs. Of course this conversation piqued our interest and we wanted to know more.


In doing a little research we came across this wonderful seven or so minute video that  is meant to inspire and educate the viewer on the subject of Persian rugs.


Persian rugs do so much to tie a space together. By learning more about these pieces of our decorating toolkit it can mean the difference between a living space and a fine art space that we enjoy living in.

This video, as our other videos, is meant to inspire our readers.

Our living spaces are places where we spend much of our time and it is good to have these spaces decorated in a way that surrounds us with warmth and balance. 

We enjoy pieces that speak to us while at the same time convey comfort.

We hope that you enjoy this video presentation and that it inspires you in decorating your living space.

Please share with our readers your comments and pictures of projects that you may be inspired to create as a result of our post. Remember that by shearing you may very well inspire other readers to even better projects of their own.

We will post again soon,


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Outside The Box

October 16th, 2010

353b7162a4f5107 Outside The Box



Welcome to all of our readers looking for something unique.


Have you considered using a wallpaper to give your space a little different look?


Well, if you are ready for something that says I am an outside the box person Why not consider gray?


Click here to check out a few suggestions that just might strike your fancy.


Sometimes we just need to think outside the box. Make your space something that is a bit unique but something that you can share happily with your friends.

 They will be astonished at just how inviting your space can be and you get top marks for creating an atmosphere that will be a hit on the house tour circuit.

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October 13th, 2010



Welcome to all of our office workers,

We understand that many of you either work from home in a home office or work from a work office. Either way, over time things tend to get a bit cluttered. Right?

 Sherry Borsheim has been helping businesses and individuals create systems and getting organized for over 23 years. She specializes in resolving space, paper, email time and information management issues

Right now, Sherry is doing something special and well, you can be a part of what Sherry is doing.

Grab your camera and hop over to Sherry’s blog to read about what she has in mind.  

We would love for you to take sherry up on her challenge. This way you get a well organized inspiring office space to be more productive in and at the same time benefit from Sherry’s great advise on just how to get it done.

Oh! And, you get a chance to win a great prize to boot.  (Brother P-Touch 2700 Label Maker!)

Now, a favor we ask is as you work through your challenge would you share your photo’s and how it is going with our readers here through comments to this post. By sharing with your fellow readers, you can also inspire them to do the challenge with Sherry and create awesome inspiring office spaces too.

We hope you will give Sherry a shot at helping you create inspiring spaces for yourself and help others to do the same.

Thanks! We wish you the best in the challenge. We will be looking forward to seeing your pictures and your updates on your office reorganization project

You asked and we are providing you with this unique challenge.(using Sherry’s offer and her skill. – Thanks Sherry)

Till next post,

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